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Lug Nuts! *shakes fist*

Today one of my tires was flat. It had been losing air for a while and I'd kept refilling it. Today, though, as I was about to leave for the grocery store, the tire didn't even look like it would make it there. I looked up prices for a new tire at a tire care center a few miles away and transferred the money from my savings account into checking. Then I found a PDF version of my car's owner's manual since it didn't come with a print one then got to business.

Those lug nuts were a pain to remove. No, not like a pain--more like misery and anxiety swirling in a torrential breakdown. Being between paydays added to that. I resorted to calling my insurance company to see if their Roadside Assistance could help me out. It turns out that I didn't have that product covered on my policy, and even if I did I would still have to pay out-of-pocket for it since it was the car equivalent of a pre-existing condition. That out-of-pocket expense was half of what I had in my checking account after I'd just gone to Walgreens for some 3-in-1 oil (I thought that since "on the car" was one of its many uses, it was a substitute for WD-40. Wrong), a digital tire gauge, and a few groceries. I passed and decided to try and stick it out myself.

I did manage to get two of the lug nuts off with the 3-in-1 oil and bouncing on the lug wrench while holding onto the roof rack. This too was a major source of anxiety. Finally, a nice man noticed me (not the crying and screaming, anyway) and offered to help. He sprayed some WD-40, the good stuff, on the lug nuts and waited a few minutes before trying the bouncy-bouncy thing. That didn't work, but mounting the lug wrench vertically, instead of horizontally, and pushing it counterclockwise away from him, worked for the last 2 lug nuts! I thanked the man and he let me keep the WD-40!

I jacked up the car, swapped out the old busted tire for the spare, and drove to Publix for more grocery shopping. I really hope that the spare lasts until Wednesday-ish, when the money transfer should go through. If not, I guess it'll be a birthday present to myself on Thursday.


Video Blog #22: Food, Money, & the Mo

So I'll be leaving LJ at the end of this month. My Tumblr username is the same!


Spam & Tumblr

I've been getting a bunch of spammy comments on some old entries lately. They're a lot more frequent than the comments I get on regular entries and vlog cross-posts, so i'm thinking about just stopping posting here all together and moving onto Tumblr.

Video Blog #19: Elliott's Fall Festival

There was a lot more stuff there, including:
-a pumpkin carving contest
-me losing foosball to a fursuiter
-playing "Turtles in Time" with my friends Kasseth (whom I had no idea would be there and didn't know I would be either) and some new friends
-cuddling with said friends later
-watching a life-casting demo
-taking pictures of more fursuiters
-Geeking out about Doctor Who
-A LOT of my typical drifting and wandering.

Let's hope that my next vlog will work just fine!

Post-accident update #2

I finally got to talk to the claims rep from the other guy's insurance. He took my statement, which I later found out from a radio commercial that I shouldn't have done without consulting a lawyer first. Oops. Then I emailed him a copy of the police report.


Post-accident update #1

My mom took me up to the impound lot to salvage some stuff out of the car, including georiens's hat that had fallen off her head in the crash. Everyone I've showed the picture/video to said that the car's totaled; my dad thinks I'll get around $1700 for it so I've started looking for a replacement car. He's got connections in the airline biz so I'll fly to Fort Myers this weekend with a connection in Houston, taking just a backpack and 2 suitcases of clothes with me.

Thanks for your continued prayers!


Video Blog #15: Car Accident

Video Blog #14: Cuddlegrams


om nom nom nom

I have an odd relationship with food.

I enjoy eating. It's fun.

But my body doesn't seem to agree with me 100%. When I sit down to a meal, I'm often not very hungry. Well, actually, even though my stomach feels hungry, often my mind doesn't feel that same drive to eat. There's a disconnect here. And sometimes if I'm not eating very much or very fast, I can still start to gag & dry heave. Of course, it happens way more often when I'm trying to eat faster or bigger.

I can't always eat slowly, but if I need to eat more to gain weight, I need to eat faster. How do I do that without triggering my gag reflex, even when I haven't been feeling stressed?

I know people say that working out helps work up a good appetite, but in my experience I can't recall feeling hungry after a workout. Maybe lifting doesn't do it and cardio does, I dunno.

To put things in perspective, I came across this BMI calculator that compares your BMI with your country and the rest of the world. At 5'8 & 120 pounds (clothed; nude I'm about 116), my BMI is about 2 pounds underweight at 18. That puts me at a lower BMI than 98% of US males aged 15-29, and I'm most like someone from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

I don't know what to make of that. I should be grateful to live in a country where food is so abundant, but instead I complain about not being able to eat enough when billions, if not hundreds of millions, of people around the world don't eat enough!

Lord, have mercy on me.

Maybe instead of presents for Christmas, I'll ask people to donate to organizations that feed the poor and hungry. I myself give to the Denver Rescue Mission when I can.

Between prayers, I should probably tak to my doc about this. Early last year we discussed my indigestion; a friend of mine told me about a simple baking soda remedy for that and the scope test revealed a normal GI tract all the way through.

Psychologically, I think it may have something to do with a fear of vomiting. I'm afraid because it's gross, extremely unpleasant, and often agers the people who worked to make that food (at least it angered my dad a LOT when I was growing up). I'll need to think about that more. And pray about it, too.

P.S. I didn't get much feedback from the people who I sent that script draft to. If you're interested, let me know, but I'd REALLY like some constructive criticism on it since I don't know what kinds of changes to make to it.


Video Blog #13: Back in Colorado!


Home again

I pulled into Aurora at about 5:30 last night to see my brother at his new place. Then I went over to my mom's for a while, then the AuroraFurs meet; not everyone I expected was there, but it was still nice to see a bunch of friends and meet some new faces, too!
I need to check my schedule at Kohl's, reorganize all my stuff, decide what to give away/sell, and move into my friend Bryce's place...for 3 weeks. :p
Oh, and I ended up losing 5 or 6 pounds cuz I could only afford to live mostly on chicken thighs and ramen. I'm down to 120 now. =\


Video Blog #12: Thoughts on Leaving Utah


Reposting from StokerBramwell

OKAY GUYS! Moving time is speeding towards us like a roadrunner on rollerskates and we need every penny we can get! Also we have way too much stuff and ought to start trimming it down. So that means LOTS of furry art (most of it of the naked variety, so don't look if you have sensitive sensibilities) needs to go.

I have spammed Furbuy and Furbid with TONS of postings, so go check 'em out:



We got pinups, portfolios, old conbooks, and one EXTREMELY difficult to come by novel!

If you can't bid (and given how tight money is, I could understand why) feel free to spread the word around! Seriously, I would really appreciate it. We've got a lot of funds to raise and very little time to do it. ._.

Thanks in advance, guys! I really appreciate it.

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