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Lug Nuts! *shakes fist*

Today one of my tires was flat. It had been losing air for a while and I'd kept refilling it. Today, though, as I was about to leave for the grocery store, the tire didn't even look like it would make it there. I looked up prices for a new tire at a tire care center a few miles away and transferred the money from my savings account into checking. Then I found a PDF version of my car's owner's manual since it didn't come with a print one then got to business.

Those lug nuts were a pain to remove. No, not like a pain--more like misery and anxiety swirling in a torrential breakdown. Being between paydays added to that. I resorted to calling my insurance company to see if their Roadside Assistance could help me out. It turns out that I didn't have that product covered on my policy, and even if I did I would still have to pay out-of-pocket for it since it was the car equivalent of a pre-existing condition. That out-of-pocket expense was half of what I had in my checking account after I'd just gone to Walgreens for some 3-in-1 oil (I thought that since "on the car" was one of its many uses, it was a substitute for WD-40. Wrong), a digital tire gauge, and a few groceries. I passed and decided to try and stick it out myself.

I did manage to get two of the lug nuts off with the 3-in-1 oil and bouncing on the lug wrench while holding onto the roof rack. This too was a major source of anxiety. Finally, a nice man noticed me (not the crying and screaming, anyway) and offered to help. He sprayed some WD-40, the good stuff, on the lug nuts and waited a few minutes before trying the bouncy-bouncy thing. That didn't work, but mounting the lug wrench vertically, instead of horizontally, and pushing it counterclockwise away from him, worked for the last 2 lug nuts! I thanked the man and he let me keep the WD-40!

I jacked up the car, swapped out the old busted tire for the spare, and drove to Publix for more grocery shopping. I really hope that the spare lasts until Wednesday-ish, when the money transfer should go through. If not, I guess it'll be a birthday present to myself on Thursday.
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Spam & Tumblr

I've been getting a bunch of spammy comments on some old entries lately. They're a lot more frequent than the comments I get on regular entries and vlog cross-posts, so i'm thinking about just stopping posting here all together and moving onto Tumblr.
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Video Blog #19: Elliott's Fall Festival

There was a lot more stuff there, including:
-a pumpkin carving contest
-me losing foosball to a fursuiter
-playing "Turtles in Time" with my friends Kasseth (whom I had no idea would be there and didn't know I would be either) and some new friends
-cuddling with said friends later
-watching a life-casting demo
-taking pictures of more fursuiters
-Geeking out about Doctor Who
-A LOT of my typical drifting and wandering.

Let's hope that my next vlog will work just fine!