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How We Met #1

This is a writing project inspired by literary_equine. In it, I write fictional accounts of how I met various people. 3 friends responded to my initial call for requests, so here they are. If you want one, let me know!

I always had a long wait between buses when I went to the doctor’s office.

One day, I decided to visit the smoothie place just a couple doors down while I waited for the 14. You greeted me with the biggest smile I’d ever seen from a stranger.

I ordered a pineapple-mango with a protein boost. Your voice rang through the half-full establishment, calling my name. I thanked you and took a seat, texting away and sipping the frozen delight while keeping an eye on my watch.

That was the best smoothie I’d ever had. A week later, I decided to come down on the bus just for another one. Forget the bus schedule, I thought to myself—I had all day.

I walked in and you seemed to recognize me.

“Moon Boots, it’s you!”

“Me?” I cocked my head. “Oh, right!” I’d adopted the quirky footwear years before, always finding a “new” pair at the exact same Goodwill.

“Pineapple-mango with a protein boost,” you smiled. “I never forget an order.”

“You must have forgotten my name, then. But no one’s ever called me Moon Boots before!”

My plane had arrived an hour late because of a thunderstorm back home. Before I could see my friends again, I needed to pick up my bag at Carousel 15.

Once I got there, I saw it right away. Solid black American Tourister with an orange ribbon on the handle so I could tell right away that it was mine.

I’d forgotten that printed in tiny letters above the code “PDX” should have been my name. A quick, absent-minded glance at the tag revealed that it actually read “Jones”. I hustled back to Carousel 15 and began circling it, looking for the bag’s rightful owner.

You were doing the exact same thing on the opposite side. We both completed four laps around the carousel before I, frustrated, set the suitcase back on it in hopes you’d find it.

“You must be Morrison,” you giggled.

Your dad had bought yours about ten years before when his company had a retreat in Maui. A very old, very friendly, very large man hand-crafted it from the koa trees growing on his twelve acres. Abalone inlays dotted the fretboard like tiny islands in the sea.

By comparison, mine was a dusty old pawn shop denizen, left there for so long that the owner didn’t even remember who had brought it in. My uncle later told me it was made of mahogany with plastic inlays. I thought it looked good in my hands.

Your impromptu rendition of “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” made that the best ukulele festival ever for me. In fact, since you taught me the chords, you think it sounds better when I play it!



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Jul. 17th, 2012 01:06 am (UTC)

The moon boots bit is awesome. Myself, I wore those ALL the time as kid, even in summer.
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