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Inventory of Upcoming Projects

These are things I either have some amount of work done on or would like to get work done on very soon.

1. How We Met. A couple people liked my first installment and wanted their own HWMs, so I'll do another installment. If you want in, just let me know.

2. A full backstory of my fursona. I've written a very short one before but I have many more ideas and such floating around in my head. I keep putting it off.

3. I need to start turning this set of bullet points I have for a movie into an actual outline and treatment. The movie is a furry version of a popular Shakespeare comedy, and that's all I'll say about it for now. :p

4. Only a couple people I sent the first draft of "The Insomniac Diaries" to said anything back, so I don't really know where to go with it now.
1. I've been seeing a lot of these a capella cover videos on YouTube, and although I don't have software to make a video, I can at least do just the audio then record a video track of myself lip-synching the lead vocal.

2. After making an album of Joy Electric covers, I thought about doing another chiptune tribute: this time, to David Crowder Band. I'm still working on a tracklist, and last year I did one cover as part of a "Cover-a-Week" project. Since DCB has 6 albums, some of which have many more tracks than the others, I think I'll pick 3 songs from each one. That might not be easy, considering so many of their songs are made of pure awesomeness.

3. I'm still open for commissions and requests, and would gladly accept trades.
4. Guitar: I haven't really played very consistently in the almost-9 years I've had it. I was all excited to switch from violin to guitar and wanted to be a rock star, but I got bored with my instruction books, I think. I bought a chord chart, some other books, and I've downloaded chord sheets from time to time, but I've lost that interest and passion. Guitar's become a toy now. I haven't even played my electric in years,  but since it was a present from my dad and I was raised to keep my presents, I don't want to give it away or sell it. I could really use the money, though.
1. I'm also open for trippy photomanipulation commissions. Trades are accepted, just as they are for chiptunes. ;)
2. Drawing.........yeah, no. I rarely lapse into it, but I think the whole reason I wanted to draw was so I'd be more popular in the fandom by actually making things. I get frustrated really easily, but I think the bigger problem is not knowing where to actually start. Although I sold my anthro/furry/cartoon animal books last summer, I have a book about reptiles and amphibians as well as electronic versions of some old Andrew Loomis drawing books that my friend Robin sent me years ago. So yeah, not sure where to go with that. I still have my sketchbooks.

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