Ian (ianthegecko) wrote,

Reposting from StokerBramwell

OKAY GUYS! Moving time is speeding towards us like a roadrunner on rollerskates and we need every penny we can get! Also we have way too much stuff and ought to start trimming it down. So that means LOTS of furry art (most of it of the naked variety, so don't look if you have sensitive sensibilities) needs to go.

I have spammed Furbuy and Furbid with TONS of postings, so go check 'em out:



We got pinups, portfolios, old conbooks, and one EXTREMELY difficult to come by novel!

If you can't bid (and given how tight money is, I could understand why) feel free to spread the word around! Seriously, I would really appreciate it. We've got a lot of funds to raise and very little time to do it. ._.

Thanks in advance, guys! I really appreciate it.
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