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So I got the Florida job after all; my contract came in the mail on Saturday! I've already started planning my road trip out there.

Here's what my route looks like:

and GasBuddy.com estimates my gas will cost about $260. I really hope prices don't go up; good thing I got added to the schedule at Kohl's back home so I can save up for it. I'll sell my electric guitar and maybe some other things; I have a ton of downsizing to do as well.

I'll have stops for the night in Kansas City, St. Louis & Atlanta. My mom found a fellow Navy mom and believer who'd be very happy to let me stay; I'm hoping I can stay 2 nights and go visit IHOP-KC (and no, it's not a restaurant). As some of you may remember from a post I made a couple years ago, my friend Marc got healed of his cerebral palsy there, and I could sure use some serious prayer and healing. I also might get to meet Xyie from the CFF--and my friend Osric, too!

In St. Louis, I'll definitely get a motel room and finally get to hang out with my good friend Sleet! We'll at least meet at the zoo, but depending on how he's able to finagle his work schedule we might get some pizza and do some sighseeing, in addition to eating KFC & drinking Woodchuck while watching "Fantastic Mr. Fox". And cuddling. :p

I'm hoping to meet up with Jude in Clarksville en route to Atlanta. Gotta find a place to stay there, too; I hear the city is pretty much a giant ghetto. Still, it'll be nice to travel in a part of the country I've never been to! I'm also hoping to go to Elliott's Fall Festival, a furry con in Orlando, in October, and meet up with Stephen for what might well be our annual meet-up.

Someday I think I'd like to buy a little travel trailer for trips like these. Yet I'd really like to put down roots somewhere and not have to do so much moving. By the end of this year I will have lived at 5 different addresses in 3 different states. All this changing of addresses and insurance policies and stuff...tax season is probably going to suck hard, too.

I'll figure all this out. I can do this!

New video blog tomorrow. And it's about geocaching. Now if you'll excuse me, it's bedtime and my shins are not happy from all the walking around.

Video Blog #10


Burnout vent...




YES! I have a phone interview for Convergys on Tuesday, August 7th! And one of my best friends said I could move in with him and his parents. :D

UPDATE: Just had a 45-minute phone interview with Florida Rep! Carpentry internship's as good as mine; I just need to hear back from Utah Shakespeare Festival first.

Shooting in Aurora


Dear God, that was the theater I went to all the time back home. No one I know was injured but my mom's boyfriend Rich and his nephew were at a different movie. They got out OK.

Wow...may God have mercy on everyone involved. 

Inventory of Upcoming Projects

These are things I either have some amount of work done on or would like to get work done on very soon.

1. How We Met. A couple people liked my first installment and wanted their own HWMs, so I'll do another installment. If you want in, just let me know.

2. A full backstory of my fursona. I've written a very short one before but I have many more ideas and such floating around in my head. I keep putting it off.

3. I need to start turning this set of bullet points I have for a movie into an actual outline and treatment. The movie is a furry version of a popular Shakespeare comedy, and that's all I'll say about it for now. :p

4. Only a couple people I sent the first draft of "The Insomniac Diaries" to said anything back, so I don't really know where to go with it now.
1. I've been seeing a lot of these a capella cover videos on YouTube, and although I don't have software to make a video, I can at least do just the audio then record a video track of myself lip-synching the lead vocal.

2. After making an album of Joy Electric covers, I thought about doing another chiptune tribute: this time, to David Crowder Band. I'm still working on a tracklist, and last year I did one cover as part of a "Cover-a-Week" project. Since DCB has 6 albums, some of which have many more tracks than the others, I think I'll pick 3 songs from each one. That might not be easy, considering so many of their songs are made of pure awesomeness.

3. I'm still open for commissions and requests, and would gladly accept trades.
4. Guitar: I haven't really played very consistently in the almost-9 years I've had it. I was all excited to switch from violin to guitar and wanted to be a rock star, but I got bored with my instruction books, I think. I bought a chord chart, some other books, and I've downloaded chord sheets from time to time, but I've lost that interest and passion. Guitar's become a toy now. I haven't even played my electric in years,  but since it was a present from my dad and I was raised to keep my presents, I don't want to give it away or sell it. I could really use the money, though.
1. I'm also open for trippy photomanipulation commissions. Trades are accepted, just as they are for chiptunes. ;)
2. Drawing.........yeah, no. I rarely lapse into it, but I think the whole reason I wanted to draw was so I'd be more popular in the fandom by actually making things. I get frustrated really easily, but I think the bigger problem is not knowing where to actually start. Although I sold my anthro/furry/cartoon animal books last summer, I have a book about reptiles and amphibians as well as electronic versions of some old Andrew Loomis drawing books that my friend Robin sent me years ago. So yeah, not sure where to go with that. I still have my sketchbooks.

Spiritual Excitement.

I've lost it. I want it.

That outpouring of thankfulness and gratitude, that passion for "living for God". If I were a dog I'd be bouncing around and wagging my tail off.

But...I haven't been. And I want it back. Really soon.

Video Blog #8

Yay, I have an excuse to use my Napoleon Dynamite journal tag now!

How We Met #1

This is a writing project inspired by literary_equine. In it, I write fictional accounts of how I met various people. 3 friends responded to my initial call for requests, so here they are. If you want one, let me know!

AnyaCollapse )

SleetCollapse )

TawnyScreechCollapse )


A favor?

Can any of you just let me know if I like/comment/tweet/text you too much? I don't want to be annoying.

That's all.

Video Blog #7



I got that boot taken care of yesterday. Cost me $100 to get it removed; one of my bosses paid and I'm writing him a check. Better to get it done now than later, since it could have been towed. And yes, I did have 6 boots on it, but I neglected to take a picture of it. I just wanted to be done as soon as possible, learn my lesson, and move on. Pay day's tomorrow anyway. :D

We're in the final stretch of tech rehearsals, which means just a few more crazy-long days, then opening nights and multiple days off. Our main show nights, y'see, are Thursdays through Saturdays, so I'll have Sundays through Wednesdays free to go on adventures and look for jobs and roommates.

Other than that, nothing else is really going on. I made a new chiptune the other day, and I hope to get my "How We Met" writing project finished. But yeah, life is good. :)


I parked in the wrong section of the parking lot behind our theater today and got booted. For some reason they put a total of 6 boots on my car instead of the 1 necessary to prevent me from driving it.

Since I only have a third of the boot-removal cost in my account, Stephen sent me some money. Problem is, that'll take a few days, and I'm not sure if it'll get to me in time before my car gets towed, which will be even more expensive (in addition to the extra fee per 24 hours that my car is still there).

However, one of the AV guys said because of some Utah state law, I only need to pay $87.50 for the day fees and boot removal; he'll get me a copy of that law to show the car-removal people. I hope it works. I seriously wanted to quit and go home, you guys.


I had another one of those depressive episodes about my career and my future last night. This time was different; though. I've come to realize that I feel equally compelled to stay in theatre and keep looking for jobs in my field as I am to quit after my contract in Utah is up and start saving up for education in some other field. I can't tell which of those directions and I feel like I wouldn't be doing God's will if I choose either one.

People say "do what makes you happy". Lately all that's really made me happy is talking to friends, eating my favorite foods and watching my favorite TV shows and videos.

So I could use some prayers for clarity & direction.


Video Blog #6

Video Blog #5


I got to splatter-paint a stage today!
Turns out that if you paint a stage one solid color, e.g. blue, a light matching that color shining on it will "pop", but any other color will look gray and dull. Use different colors on a black stage, however, and each one of them will pop when the right lights shine on them. So what did our tech director, 2 scenic painters, a fellow intern and I do? We splattered the stage in these three large rings around the trap door, using blue, brown, gray, green (a very Gecko green, I might add), and orange. 
I'll have to get pictures, It turned out really well and my shop pants are a mess...as are my work boots, which are the same ones I use for my Doctor cosplay that I'll next wear...tomorrow. I've got some cleaning to do. D:

On another note, yay for getting exactly $25 in gas by stopping the fuel pump at just the right moment. c:


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